I’m the lucky guy…okay, blessed.  I have a wife and family who are talented, precious and supportive of me even when I’ve proven myself to have feet of clay.  I get to preach in one of the most intriguing locations on the planet…Ashland, Oregon.  It’s an artsy town, pretty darn liberal…but full of interesting people who appreciate our church for being culturally engaged and relevant.

Then, too, I get to work with a techy partner, Brad, who knows computers and other forms of electronics forward and back…and who loves the Lord 100 %.  I’m allowed to work with Elders who are spiritual giants and visionaries.  They know our church has a rich history but they don’t spend much time looking in the rear view mirror.

After a short step out of the ministry God has once again granted me a place in his vineyard.  While nobody reminds me my trip-ups I’m continually grateful for God’s grace and renewal.

I commend the Christian Church of Ashland to you.  Here we are with this long history; yet the precious veterans in our midst are eager to see our church try new ways of delivering the ancient story of Jesus. Around here we like to say that nostalgia can ride in the church van.  It just can’t sit in the front seat.

I work at preaching sermons that reach out to the many levels of maturity represented in our flock each Sunday.  Yes, my sermon includes movie and music video clips when they are appropriate.  It’s true I’m eager to use whatever technology is available to get the old message broadcast.  But it is also true that in these challenging days and in this unique location I’m blessed with the steadiness of God, the partnership of fine leaders and followers and a message which I never tire of telling.

Jim Larsen